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Studio Associato NPA has many years of experience in the field of family law and, in particular, on all issues concerning to the family nucleus and the related civil aspects.

Cohabitation agreement and termination of the cohabitation

“With culture you learn to live together; above all we learn that we are not alone in the world, that other people and other traditions exist, other ways of living that are just as valid as ours” (Tahar ben Jelloun)

We provide assistance to de facto couples, also in light of the recent changes introduced by Law no. 76/2016 which has recognized the rights of the cohabitants conforming them, partially, to those ensured to the spouses – also through cohabitation contracts -. We assist cohabitants on the occasion of the termination of cohabitation (with the presence of children born from cohabitation), proposing the best solution aimed at maintaining and housing the natural children born from cohabitation (also in litigation ground with a specific initiative before the Court – appeal for the regulation of children born out of wedlock -). We are responsible for the website

Unioni civili

“There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can adjust on the freedom of my mind” (Virginia Woolf)

We assist same-sex couples who want to formally consolidate their relationship through a civil union (formalized before the registrar) and, in particular, subsequently, when couples need to obtain the dissolution of the civil union both through a special judicial initiative before the Court, both through the instrument of assisted negotiation.

Separation and divorce

“Watching a fairy-tale wedding, you can’t help but wonder how it’s going to go when you get divorced” (Andy Warhol)

We have twenty years of experience in family law, in particular, with regard to issues related to separation and divorce proceedings. With regards to the former, we offer specialized assistance in order to allow spouses to carefully evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the consensual separation procedures compared to those in litigation, also in light to restrain time and judicial expenses. With particular regard to the maintenance and / or maintenance allowance in favor of the wife, and the maintenance allowance in favor of the children, our professionals are able to predict the quantification, even before the confrontation in court, of the amount of the above in relation to the income and living standards of the spouses. Our professionals will advise you in the best way possible, even in case of reasons that justify charging the other spouse for the separation (for example in case of adultery and abandonment of the marital roof), as well as with regard to the assignment of the marital home, custody of children (shared or exclusive to one of the parents) and, finally, with reference to the housing location of the children. With regard to divorce, however, our professionals will be able to indicate the correct quantification of the divorce allowance in compliance with the most recent guidelines of the Cassation. We are responsible for the website


“ou cannot say you know a man until you have shared an inheritance with him” (Johann Kaspar Lavater)

We provide specialized assistance in the field of inheritance law both with reference to the drafting and formalization of wills and with reference to any disputes which may arise after the reading of the will for the transmission of assets between family members or ,in any case, in favor of loved ones. The tools used to resolve these disputes are mediation (mandatory by law) and legal protection. In particular, we deal with:

  • Opening of the hereditary succession
  • Legacy lying
  • Ability to succeed and inability to receive by testament
  • Cases of unworthiness to succeed
  • Acceptance of the inheritance
  • Actions to protect the heir (possessory and precautionary actions, inheritance petition, claim action, reduction action, action for termination or termination of contracts concluded by the deceased, revocation action, subrogation action)
  • Renunciation of inheritance
  • Legitimate succession, testamentary succession and necessary succession
  • Succession in the enterprise

Heritage protection

“If I keep my good character, I will be rich enough” (Apuleio)

We offer specialized consultancy to provide the best protection to your assets by tailor-made solutions with costs commensurate to your economic availability. In particular, we provide assistance in the context of:

  • Establishment of trusts;
  • Segregation of assets;
  • Transfer of assets to property funds
  • Target constraints

Inter-family offenses

“The consequences of anger are much more serious than its causes” (Marco Aurelio)

We offer protection and assistance to family members (parents, spouses, children and grandparents), for all hypotheses of civil liability in the field of inter-family torts: the violation of parental and marital obligations with injuries that inevitably affect the fundamental rights of the person (physical and mental health, but also the honour, the reputation of the spouses). In addition to the institutions in charge of defending the family (the obligation to pay the divorce cheque to the former spouse, the seizure of property, etc.), there is, in fact, the general remedy of compensation for unjust damage in all those cases where the damage proved in the family is subject to economic assessment.

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